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If you'd like to subscribe to grounded design, you can do so in two ways.  First, you can have posts emailed directly to you.  If you don't surf the web much, or read RSS feeds, email is the best way to get this blog.  To receive the email, enter your email address in the form below.  After verifying, check your email.  You will be asked to click on a link to confirm your subscription.  Don't worry, if you get sick of me, you can easily unsubscribe.

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Second, if you're a bit more blog savy, you can subscribe to my feed by RSS.  This site syndicates content via RSS (Really Simple Syndication)--which is an XML-based format for sharing and distributing web content.  To subsribe by RSS feed, you need an RSS Reader (or Feed/News Aggregator) like Google Reader, My Yahoo, or other feed reader.  Here is a simple link that allows you to subscribe to this site's feed:

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