No They Didn't!: A Gallery of Mockable Landscapes

It's not nice to judge, I know.  But there's so much crap out there that constitutes "landscaping," and so little real critique, I figure its fair game to have a good laugh at the really bad stuff.  This critique is aimed at the "landscaping industry" not amateur gardeners who love their little plots. 

1.  The patio is shaped like a flower.  And each petunia gets its own cell, I mean bed.
2.  The world's saddest playground.  For anyone who's every worked with municipal regulations, you can easily see how something like this could happen. 
3.  The hill you see behind these houses is the parking lot for a Super Target that was recently constructed in Hoover, Alabama near my parent's house.  The developer promised a "pedestrian connection" between the houses and the strip mall, but I think this pedestrian connection would require rock climbing gear.
4.  Huh huh.  Huh huh

5.  This is a recently installed landscape.  First, the quintessential curving beds . . . I never get these, what do they relate to?  And I'm all about leaving room for plants to grow in, but this is crazy.  A European once asked me, "Why do Americans like to show their mulch so much?"  It's true.  Should call it mulchscaping.
6.  Here is a before and after actually advertised on a landscaping company's website.  Not sure which is actually better.

7.  Here's the landscaper's favorite material: decorative concrete block.  There's really nothing you can't build with these.  Including perhaps a mailbox:

8.  A nice path through the dense planting . . .
9.  Another before and after.   Before please . . .

10.  "Hey Mike, did you review that grading plan before it was sent to the contractor?"
11.  "No, we don't have the budget to hire a landscape architect.  We'll do the grading design ourselves."

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