Thomas Rainer is a highly sought after public speaker whose passionate and provocative talks have inspired and entertained audiences all over the country. Thomas speaks on various topics, many related to the future of planting design and the intersection of design and ecology.

If you would like to talk with Thomas about speaking to your group or symposium, please contact him at Topics can easily be tailored to your group and needs.  

Here's just a sampling of what people are saying about Thomas' talks:

"Listened to Thomas speak at the HPSO event and FINALLY an LA who gets it and can articulate it so well. Thanks for the inspiration Thomas!" Dan Hinkley

"This is the best presentation I've heard in 30 years of this conference." Dr. Larry Mellichamp, Professor of Horticulture and Botany

"Feedback from your talk in 2014 was outstanding and some of the most positive I’ve ever seen."

"You were the reason I attended - and it was well worth the 148 mile trip. Your presentation and graphics were excellent and you have a great speaking voice. You were innovative, thought-provoking and witty. You will influence my thinking as my shovel slices through the sod this weekend. You truly exceeded my quite high expectations, thank you."

"I’ve heard many native talks and was very impressed by yours and the time you took putting it together; it was easily one of the best, if not the best, I’ve heard."

"That was a special lecture that Thomas gave this past winter at the New York Botanical Garden, signaling a kind of turning point for native and naturalistic design."

"You are the hardest-working speaker on the circuit. You pack tons of relevant content into an inspiring, engaging talk."

Thomas' talk "was a turning point for the next generation of garden designers that take into consideration both the art and ecology of great garden making. Thomas has a new contemporary voice. I was pleased that so see many ears and eyes were listening and seeing so attentively. I certainly was."

"I have never invited a speaker in consecutive years, but your message was so on-point for us, I felt it would appropriate."

"After reviewing the evaluations, several in the audience used the word, 'brilliant' and others remarked that they appreciated your knowledgeable approach to the proper and effective use of native plants. Another called it 'the most important topic presented today.'”

"Thomas Rainer combined humor, useful information and inspiring images in his talk Saturday on achieving romanticism in our gardens with hydrangeas and other worthy plants."

2017 Talks:

Jan 22        Green Spring Garden Park, Fairfax County, VA

Feb 4         Georgia Native Plant Society Annual Symposium, Macon, GA

Mar 4        Muskingum Valley Garden Society, Zanesville, OH
Mar 7        Davidson Horticultural Symposium, Davidson, NC  Sold Out
Mar 11      Gardenwise Conference, York, PA 
Mar 18      Master Gardener's Symposium, Loudoun County, VA

Apr 20      State Arboretum of Virginia, Blandy, VA

June 3       Mount Vernon Art and Architecture Symposium, Alexandria, VA 
June 20     Garden Club Federation Annual Meeting, Freeport, Maine
June 21     Maine Audobon Society, Maine
June 23     Keynote, Minnesota Extension Master Gardener State Conference

July 13      International Master Gardener Conference, Portland, OR

Aug 11      Gardening Symposium, Asheville, NC

Sept 23      Massachusetts Master Gardeners, Westford, MA
Oct 7           West Virginia Botanic Garden, Morgantown, WV

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