Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Box for the Birds

I don't normally feature products on my blog, but these two I could not resist.  Our good friends from graduate school have recently come up with two brilliant products that I wanted to share. Artist and designer Michael Oliveri created Box for the Birds in collaboration with his six year old daughter and wife, Laura Hoffman. Laura suggested the two of them make a birdhouse as a father/daughter project, thinking they’d go into the basement and start pounding nails into wood. Within a week, Michael had emerged with a computer prototype for a birdhouse that requires no nails, no saws, and no glue. Within minutes, you can slide together a fully functioning modern birdhouse. The entire ensemble comes minimally packaged.

Also for you bird lovers, Michael designed a set of sleek, folding bookends that uses the profile of a bird to hold a stack of books.  The product is called BENDZ:

Here's a link to where you can buy these.

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  1. That's really delightful. Since the birdhouse comes apart easily, the box can be cleaned. Birds are prone to mites, so periodic housekeeping is important.


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